gbtlaw – How can we help you?  Are you:

Buying a business?

          Selling a business?

                     Starting a new business?

                               Dealing with a difficult shareholder/partner/employee?

                                           Seeking advice on a new, important contract?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. gbtlaw does business law, exclusively. We don’t dabble in business law, and in fact, we’ve done nothing else for decades. We solve problems thru advice, practical and creative solutions.

 Our core clientele is small and emerging businesses with two or more employees located in the Western GTA, especially Halton Region. 

Doing a Deal

If you’re buying or selling a business for the first time, it’s a very scary thing. The stakes are very high Some mistakes can’t be fixed. It’s probably the biggest and most important transaction you’ve ever done. You need qualified legal advice. Experience. Judgement. Responsiveness.


How do you ensure that you get what you are paying for? Once you buy it, it’s yours, with all of the pitfalls and ugly, costly surprises. That’s where Buyer Remorse comes in.

How do you avoid nasty surprises coming up after closing? – huge undisclosed liabilities, HR horror stories, personality conflicts, customer or supplier departures, financial statement fraud. That’s where Caveat Emptor comes in.

You must know what to look for and how to look for it. We do that. It’s a process.

 There are so many things to remember and do in buying a business – how do you organize everything? We do that. Buyer’s lawyer is usually the quarterback of the deal, coaching you, doing searches, reviewing & preparing all of the documents so they get done, correctly, efficiently and on time.


What confidential info must I give the Buyer? When do I give them my trade secrets or customer or sales details? How do I protect my business? We know that.

 Will I get paid the full purchase price for my business? How do I ensure I will get paid? We do that.

How do I get released from any personal obligations after closing? Can I be sued after the deal is done? Minimizing or eliminating ongoing obligations & liabilities is our main job when acting for a seller of a business, shares or assets.

 How do I make sure my employees are protected?

 Starting a New Business

 What are the most important things to do first? How do I pay for it? Where can I get startup legal and accounting advice? We can help with that.

 Should I buy a franchise? Should I buy an existing business or start my own? We can advise you on pros and cons.

 Should I get a registered Trade Mark? Patent? How do I protect my trade secrets? We work with entrepreneurs to arrive at startup strategies and priorities.

Rather than have rigid hourly rates, we tailor our hourly rates to the nature and complexity of the work involved. My virtual associate &  virtual clerk facilitate cost-effective delegation. We show flexibility in fee arrangements.

We hustle on files, delivering Bay St. experience w/Main Street value & practical, no-nonsense advice. Building our practice one client at a time is our focus – for those who believe professional relationships are still important to building and protecting a business. Please call us to arrange a meeting to talk about your business law needs. Thanks!

Practice Focus: We only do business law.  We don’t go to Court.

These are some of the transactions and projects I’ve participated in lately:

  • Providing strategic advice for IT start-ups: design initial capitalization of a social media product business so as to recognize founders, early investors, next round of venture or angel capital & flexibility for key employee participation.
  • Acting for Boards of Directors on difficult governance issues: guidance and recommendations for shareholder meetings, procedural questions & ongoing management/membership issues.
  • Purchase and sale of businesses: asset & share sales; management buy-outs, family succession, shareholder buy-sells.
  • Shareholder & Partner Disputes: advising minority or control shareholders; negotiating voluntary or involuntary exits.
  • Corporate reorganizations: strategize and implement key employee buy-ins, capital restructurings with owner/operators.
  • Not-for-Profits expertise: corporate, governance and HR aspects.
  • Securities: a special counsel on securities aspects; represent issuer obtaining venture capital; advising angel investors.
  • Source and implement debt financings: secured bank loans, term equipment loans, bulk lease financings, convertible debentures, factoring, asset-based lending.
  • Access new capital: angel investors, venture capital, strategic partners, joint ventures, private placements, reverse takeovers, IPO readiness.
  • Introduce & distribute new products: licensing agreements, technology transfers, royalty agreements, restructuring inappropriate arrangements, IP protection strategy.
  • Strategize commercial dispute resolution to avoid litigation, and obtain a timely and sound business result, including shareholder & supplier situations.
  • Partnership Breakups & Startups: provided strategy on several partnership battles to achieve business & personal goals without going to Court; also advised on creation of new partnerships.
  • Resolving Contract Impasses: brought in by a major not-for-profit agency that was mired in long-standing contractual impasse with another major agency, worked out a global solution.

If you’re an seasoned entrepreneur who has reached the point where you recognize the long-term benefits of working with a chartered accountant for tax, estate planning & financial strategy (ie, you’ve outgrown a bookkeeper) and a corporate/commercial solicitor for specialized advice & deal skills, then it’s quite likely that we’ll have a good fit.

If you’ve previously used a large downtown law firm, even better!  I strive to deliver the best features of mega-firms: great service, deep expertise in business law areas and sound practical judgment .  I’m delighted to take instructions from a financial intermediary or adviser instead of the client directly.

My approach is direct. I don’t sugar-coat my advice, I give it to you straight as to your best interests. Difficult deals often give rise to difficult issues, and smart entrepreneurs want to consider all major factors. Do you want an obsequious paper-pusher or a trusted expert counselor?

I would be pleased to meet with you to demonstrate how I can protect and grow your business. (905-847-9707)