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About Us

gbtlaw is a business law firm focused squarely on three areas that we really enjoy doing and doing well:

  • Selling a business over $500,000
  • Buying a business over $1,000,000
  • Resolving co-ownership problems – but avoiding litigation

By narrowing our scope, we’ve been able to achieve efficiencies and acquire deeper expertise to get deals done, even difficult deals.

No deal now is a cookie cutter it seems, but we thrive on solving problems, not creating them or musing on legal issues.

We have the experience and judgement to be pragmatic, pushing transactions ahead with Do Lists, checklists and active quarterbacking/coaching to get you to the end zone – the closing. If you hire us, you will work very closely with a dedicated team, including me as supervising counsel and a sensible delegation of functions.

Selling or buying a business is an emotional and stressful exercise if you haven’t done it before. We’ve done a lot of varied transactions, and we will help you accomplish your goal.

Your deal will be important to us. Please give us a call to discuss your business law needs.


I’m the principal of this law firm, also known as “gbtlaw”.  Born in Winnipeg, I studied at Queen’s University at Kingston (economics), University of Edinburgh (economics) and Osgoode Hall, Toronto (law). gbtlaw has grown nicely since inception on January 1, 2000, notwithstanding a couple of recessions in that period.

I offer decades of business law experience, especially selling or buying a small business ($500,000 to $5,000,000). Resolving owner/partner disputes without going to Court is also a prime focus of my practice. Rare outside Bay Street, I do securities law and not for profit governance advisory on referrals from other local firms.

My approach is client and deal centric: addressing your concerns and getting the deal done. I’m not a cheerleader, I’m an independent, candid advisor who will give it to you straight.

gbtlaw is not a one-man band: A virtual (not onsite full-time) Associate, Emily, excels at document review and preparation. Steve, is a virtual clerk for us, and he handles complex reorganizations and deal searches. With this team, I am able to delegate work efficiently while still ensuring cost effective, responsive and accessible services to the client.

If you appreciate the long term advantage in having a good working relationship with a business lawyer, or the benefits of hiring a focused, qualified team to do a deal instead of a dabbler, then consider gbtlaw: please give us a call.


Thomas Law (yes the irony) is a student at gbtlaw.

While in law school, Thomas sharpened his advocacy skills by taking part in several moot court competitions including the 2022 New England Hockey Arbitration Competition, and the 2022 Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada, at which Thomas finished in first place and third place, respectively.

Making the most of his time in the nation’s capital, Thomas balanced his law school studies with his role on Parliament Hill, where he refined his writing and client management skills in a high-pressure environment.

In his free time, Thomas enjoys hiking the trails in Bronte Creek Provincial Park, and watching his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. When he is not on the trails or suffering from another Maple Leafs-induced heartbreak 😁, Thomas can be found thumbing through a dense nonfiction history book, likely to do with military history or John F. Kennedy.

Thomas’ goals for 2024 include improving his golf game, finally finishing The Sopranos, and learning how to grill the perfect steak.