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As often as possible, I write a short piece on a legal issue which I hope will be of practical interest.

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Small is Beautiful

Big law firms do great work, that’s for sure. They certainly cover all the legal bases on mega-deals, have experts in every business law field. But, sometimes lead counsel on a multi-jurisdictional transaction (multi-state or international) don’t really need another......

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How to Inflate your Legal Costs

Accountants and business consultants love to advise on how to reduce outside legal fees. Most of their advice is garbage and only applies, if at all, to insurance defence or other commodity legal services carried out by large law firms for......

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Cattenda Via! Is it Time to Hit the Road?

AKA, Selling Your Business The demographics are dramatic: tens of thousands of owners of successful businesses in Ontario are dying to sell their businesses – or should I say, they want to sell before they die? They want to hit......

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MBOs: Typical Troubles

Why Read This Article? you’re an owner & thinking about selling a key employee some or all of your shares you’re a key employee & you want to acquire ownership I’ve dealt with both perspectives – owner and employee, because......

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