As often as possible, I write a short piece on a legal issue which I hope will be of practical interest.

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Tips for M & A Readiness

I’m sure you’ve heard it takes about three years to get your business ready for sale – I agree with that – but, have you considered what you need to get done before you deliver your first LOI (Letter of......

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Litigation Advice from a Non-Litigator – Part II

As noted in the last Blurb, I don’t do litigation – going to Court. However, I frequently advise on litigation strategy – to get a reasonable economic result while avoiding Court. I would now like to offer my tips for minimizing......

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Reason No. 42 Why I Enjoy Flying Solo

Clients and friends often ask me what I like most about practicing on my own. My answer is frequently, “I like having no employees”. Now why would I say that? This blurb addresses this attitude.I am not an employment law......

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