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Ownership Squabbles: Something Must Change!

If you’ve enjoyed several years of ownership harmony in your business, congratulations! Most multi-owner firms explode soon or later, it’s a sad fact.

But recently, you’ve suffered with serious problems between you and other owners. The situation has festered for months or even years, but you realize something must be done. It’s getting worse, affecting your health and the business.

  • What can you do?
  • What can you do when you can’t stand to work with your other owner?
  • What legal steps can you take if your partner is cheating the business?
  • Will a Court solve your ownership disputes? Do you have to go to Court to get relief?
  • What can you do under a shareholders’ agreement?
  • If the other owners are trying to squeeze you out, how can you get your money out of the
  • Is there a way to break up the business and split up the net proceeds?

Since we’re talking about a business here, the overriding factor is value:

  • What are the assets of the business worth now, at fair market value?
  • How much are the present and potential liabilities?
  • What is the net value of the business, assets minus liabilities plus goodwill?
  • What would you pay to buy out your co-owners?
  • Do you want to continue with the business, or would you be happy with a buyout?

First and foremost, we’ll discuss your goals and priorities. What do you want to do here?

That’s the starting point, not the ending point. We outline the alternatives, the risks and advantages of various approaches, personalized to you.

Start the process: give us a call to arrange a meeting to get acquainted and discuss your situation.