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What the Heck Am I Doing on Social Media?

I used to wonder this question as I tweeted, updated and commented on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, spent hours reading banal entries, watched silly dog videos and got caught in annoying marketing gotchas.

Somewhere along the line, a year or so ago, I kinda got it. I got it from reading social media posts about social media posting.

I then followed that advice: get a social media plan, then execute it. I’m not saying I’ve achieved much proficiency yet but I’m working on it.

This is my plan: to disseminate my brand as a deeply experienced business lawyer (aka, my hair is white) who brings good judgement and efficiency (I use best technologies) to transactions and advisory roles to protect and grow businesses in the western Greater Toronto Area. Nothing too profound.

Sure, I post other stuff, especially relating to economics and corporate finance/market, just for fun or to see my own voice in print. My main focus though is to reach the trusted advisors of firms, be they local counsel, accountants, financial advisors, consultants and relatives. I don’t believe that many business owners spend a lot of time on social media, looking for a good attorney. No, they are too busy for that, and the more senior generation are not yet convinced that social media involvement is worthwhile for them, even if they delegate some resources to it now just to hedge their bets.

No, what I try to do is reach those trusted advisors who know someone who is unhappy with their existing legal counsel or are entering new areas geographically (southern Ontario) or by sector (IT joint venture), and want to make a safe (!), effective, mutually rewarding referral – to a business lawyer who will exceed service expectations, add significant value in expertise and creativity and be pleasant to deal with.

Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I recognize that most if not all of the legal services that I offer can and are done perfectly well by flocks of other legal eagles out there. I don’t practice supply-side marketing based on the boast that I have unique, superexcellent (that is a  real word) skills, because I don’t, and I don’t think any other law firm or attorney does either, for the most past.

Life being preciously short and time being money, I want my message in social media to resonate with individuals who just might need to refer a client to a lawyer, and wants to know that my approach is sensible, I have more than adequate expertise for the legal tasks, and I’m not an asshole. Well, two out of three, anyhow. Cheers!

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