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How to Find a Suitable Business Lawyer

How to Find a Suitable Business Lawyer

 As a business owner, how do you know what kind of business lawyer to hire? Well, as any good lawyer will tell you, “It depends”. The below list may help answer your questions.

  1. Size

The mega law firms on Bay Street do great work on multi-million dollar deals, that’s for sure. However, going with a massive national law firm may not be the right decision for you. The sky-high billable hour rates and layering of work at mega law firms are often a huge financial drain for owners of small- and medium-sized businesses.

As an owner of a small- or medium-sized business, retaining the services of a smaller business law firm is likely the best option for your business. You will save a fortune on legal fees and your matter will be given the special attention and accessibility it deserves.

  1. Service

Would you rather be able to promptly consult with the lawyer with whom you have entrusted your business law matter, or would you prefer to deal with an army of law clerks and associates in lieu of the lawyer you hired?

When you hire a solo or small firm business lawyer, you are given the VIP treatment. The lawyer you hired will be intimately involved in every step of your business law matter and your phone calls will be answered before the second ring.

  1. Specialty

Lawyers can generally be divided into two categories: specialists and generalists. A specialist is a lawyer who focuses their practice on a specific area of law. On the other hand, a generalist, also known as a general practitioner, is a lawyer who dabbles in a little bit of everything. Because of their expertise in a particular area of law, hiring a specialist lawyer can save you time and money by avoiding the simple mistakes made by generalists and the wasteful costs that follow.

Here at gbtlaw, we practice business law, exclusively, focusing on selling or purchasing a business. Collectively, our team has several decades of business law experience.


Searching for the suitable business lawyer can be intimidating. However, gbtlaw offers the best of both worlds: Bay Street expertise & service, Main Street accessibility & cost . If you are interested in learning more about how gbtlaw can help you, please contact one of our business law professionals.


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