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After an interesting 4.5 years at 41 Lakeshore Road, we’re moving as of November 25 to:

Suite 138
700 Third Line
Oakville, ON
L6L 4B1

My phone number stays the same at 905-847-9707 and so does my email of The unknowns of next year under Covid-19 was the catalyst for my move, but now that I’m into it, the move is becoming a wonderful watershed. We will truly be lean and mean, and more efficient than ever.

Assisting owners to sell their businesses,  or to buy a new one, is our practice focus. We also enjoy providing business law services for firms with recurring corporate and commercial law needs – and who value an ongoing working relationship with their professionals.

Since we do most of our work by email with some phone/zoom calls, it’s not likely you will not notice much difference in your dealings with us. The new place has a lot more parking and immediate access to the QEW, plus the usual office amenities of kitchen, washrooms, delivery receipt, 24/7 security, and onsite safe storage of Minute Books and files, and lots of meeting areas.

The people part of my practice will be preserved intact, but for the physical change of address. I have a great team that can really produce when called on for deals, and I intend to nurture them.

Mark Hazlett, my onsite Associate, will work from his home office and come in for meetings as needed. Carol Heimbach, my virtual Associate, will continue from her home office, coming in just as she does now from time to time to discuss instructions, or to deal with Minute Books. My corporate deal clerk, Steve Helson, will continue on as he has done – 99% email, the odd phone call and maybe a couple social visits. Nancy, my Office Manager, will manage the office remotely or work out of the new office as necessary. My part-time bookkeeper, Janice Tobia, will go to the new office instead of the old office about once a month.

If you know me, you know I thrive on change and exploit necessary or desirable changes as opportunities to re-focus, improve, innovate.

Being a carefree office, I will be able concentrate, and when I leave for the day, I will just close the door and leave. In the moving process, I suddenly realized just how many non-productive actions and costs were associated with renting a standalone office, especially an old house – opening up, closing down, fixing, maintaining, painting, caulking, paying bills and so forth. I have those things at home, I don’t need two places to play handyman. I free liberated already!

The Kerr Street Village neighbourhood has been fun, being close to some great restos, and a short trot to downtown Oakville. There are also very scenic walks by the marina to take Max for my daily stretch. I will definitely miss that aspect of 41 Lakeshore.  The new place has some vacant land around the main train tracks, but scenery is not its strong point.

I’ll be fully moved before the end of November, and I must admit that I’m really excited to make this happen.