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Each month, I write a short piece on a legal issue which I hope will be of practical interest.
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Hiring a Lawyer to Sell Your Business

For the past few decades, most of my business law practice has focused on the purchase or sale of businesses, […]

Does Boilerplate Matter?

Plain talk advocates accuse lawyers of padding their contracts, thereby needlessly increasing their bills, by the inclusion of what is […]

DIY for Buying a Business

At gbtlaw, we do deals for clients buying or selling a business: lots of deals, big and small. Fact is, small deals […]

DIY – It’s Your Choice

Like everything else in this world, the internet is rapidly changing the practice of law, even business law, and this […]

Those Ole’Rules Still Good Rules for New Deals

OK, you might consider me to be an Old Fart, having practiced business law and doing hundreds of deals since […]

Getting Sued and Suing in the U.S.

If your business has any involvement in the United States, it will get sued eventually. There are a number of […]

Competition Law – A Sword and a Shield – Part I

Does a competitor get a better deal from a supplier than do you for the same product? Is your rival […]

Competition Law – A Sword and a Shield – Part II

Last month, I outlined the serious criminal offences under the Competition Act (Canada) (the “Act”), describing the nature of the offences and […]

Competition Law – A Sword and a Shield – Part III

Last edition, I described the civil offences and remedies under the Competition Act (Canada) (the “Act”). This article will focus upon some […]

How’s Your PIPE-DA?

Please trust me on this: I really and truly don’t enjoy the additional legal activity that new, intrusive and misguided […]

Attracting & Retaining Investors for your Business

Sometimes, the best way to recapitalize your business is to attract third party investors (not relatives or senior employees). This […]

Spring Do List

It looks like the spring of ’05 is finally here. I didn’t enjoy our monsoon season, because I grew up […]

Small Business Tips

In the spirit of Small Business Week coming up in October, here’s some tips and traps for small business owner/operators: […]

The Shotgun Buy-Sell

If you own shares in a private corporation, you have likely heard of the “shotgun buy-sell” mechanism. What is it? […]

The Shotgun and Why It Works

In the last installment of the Blurb, I think I was able to convince you that any corporation with more […]

How to Squeeze More Value from your Lawyer

One of the several advantages I enjoy from my solo practice, as contrasted to my former days as a partner […]

Litigation Advice from a Non-Litigator – Part I

As noted earlier in this website, I don’t go to Court: any Court, no matter what. Many clients, having experienced […]

Litigation Advice from a Non-Litigator – Part II

As noted in the last Blurb, I don’t do litigation – going to Court. However, I frequently advise on litigation strategy […]

Buying Shares In A Private Corporation: Avoiding Snafus

Recently, I’ve been involved in a few ‘problematic’ deals involving the purchase of the shares of a corporation (i.e., not […]

Some Things Successful Deal Makers Do

For this installment, I thought I would offer some short bits and pieces of gratuitous advice on using a corporate […]

Recession Training Part Deux

We’re now in the second half of 09, and the pundits are arguing over whether or not the recession is […]

An Uncertain Economy

It’s spring of 2010 as I write this blurb, and we’ve been in recession for over a year now. From […]

Legal Specialization & the Myth of General Practice

I’ve recently had the extreme displeasure of doing purchase and sale of business transactions (the selling or buying of shares […]

How to Buy a Business

…while avoiding quagmires I’ve been doing the buying and selling of businesses for 33 years, and I’ve learned a thing […]

Reason No. 42 Why I Enjoy Flying Solo

Clients and friends often ask me what I like most about practicing on my own. My answer is frequently, “I […]