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Each month, I write a short piece on a legal issue which I hope will be of practical interest.

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How to Buy a Business

…while avoiding quagmires

I’ve been doing the buying and selling of businesses for 33 years, and I’ve learned a thing or two that can help buyers and sellers.

Legal Specialization & the Myth of General Practice

I’ve recently had the extreme displeasure of doing purchase and sale of business transactions (the selling or buying of shares or assets) with non-business lawyers acting on the other side. I’m talking about lawyers who are general practitioners, though most of them seem to do litigation and real estate, mainly, and unfortunately for all involved, they dabble in corporate and commercial law when it comes in the door. Some even do family law in between forays into business law.

An Uncertain Economy

It’s spring of 2010 as I write this blurb, and we’ve been in recession for over a year now. From my worm’s eye view in the southwestern GTA, I can see spots of great prosperity and growth – e.g., residential real estate – and I can see areas that seem to be just entering a tough period – commercial real estate.

Recession Training Part Deux

We’re now in the second half of 09, and the pundits are arguing over whether or not the recession is over, or if it is a depression.  My view is that the fundamental data indicates that the economy in Canada is not in a recovery mode yet.  Similarly, and more importantly to us, the U.S. economy is not in recovery mode either, yet.

Some Things Successful Deal Makers Do

For this installment, I thought I would offer some short bits and pieces of gratuitous advice on using a corporate lawyer, tips for independent businesses from big business practices, surviving a recession, and miscellaneous matters. Times are tough, time is money, so I’ll keep it short – see below.