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Each month, I write a short piece on a legal issue which I hope will be of practical interest.

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Recession Training Part Deux

We’re now in the second half of 09, and the pundits are arguing over whether or not the recession is over, or if it is a depression.  My view is that the fundamental data indicates that the economy in Canada is not in a recovery mode yet.  Similarly, and more importantly to us, the U.S. economy is not in recovery mode either, yet.

Some Things Successful Deal Makers Do

For this installment, I thought I would offer some short bits and pieces of gratuitous advice on using a corporate lawyer, tips for independent businesses from big business practices, surviving a recession, and miscellaneous matters. Times are tough, time is money, so I’ll keep it short – see below.

Buying Shares In A Private Corporation: Avoiding Snafus

Recently, I’ve been involved in a few ‘problematic’ deals involving the purchase of the shares of a corporation (i.e., not asset deals). The problems have been serious, and mainly avoidable, I would like to think anyhow. I live in hope.

Litigation Advice from a Non-Litigator – Part II

As noted in the last Blurb, I don’t do litigation – going to Court. However, I frequently advise on litigation strategy – to get a reasonable economic result while avoiding Court. I would now like to offer my tips for minimizing your exposure as a defendant (the party defending the a claim from another party or parties) in litigation in Ontario, from my perspective as a corporate/commercial lawyer.

Litigation Advice from a Non-Litigator – Part I

As noted earlier in this website, I don’t go to Court: any Court, no matter what. Many clients, having experienced indifference from litigators, have literally begged me to go to Small Claims Court for or with them. I used to go to Court as a law student and then as an articling student in Calgary. These experiences intensified my resolve ever since to avoid litigation except as a spectator. However, I’m very often consulted by ongoing business clients for advice on disputes, and I believe that I have a pretty good record in cases where my advice is followed to conclusion. I would like to offer my main tips for being successful as a plaintiff (the party starting the action with a claim against the other party or parties) in litigation.